Travel writing in the making:
e-mail from the road...

We travel a fair amount, sending e-mail «dispatches» to friends every day or so from the road.
Several of these e-mail accounts are now available online:
(new) Spain, February 2005
Rome, November 2004
Rome, January 2004
     Eating and seeing the sites in Rome, Orvieto, Tivoli...  
Glendale Theater and Eating, December 2003
     Arthur Miller, Shakespeare and Molière; eating in Paso Robles, Pasadena and Los Angeles
Theater and landscape, May 2003
     Baseball and art; Shakespeare and Gozzi; gardens and wilderness
To the Southwest
     To Ojai, Tecate, San Luis Rio Colorado, and Sonaita, January 2002
January South in California
     Landscape, museums, and dining on a loop through San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Death Valley and Tahoe
Venice Reflections
     The first of six weeks in Milan, Venice, and Piemonte, May-July 2001. (Remainder available from the author.)
Shakespeare and Terrorism
     A week in Ashland, Oregon, Sept. 11-18 2001
Letters from Los Angeles
        Lindsey makes dessert for 500 diners honoring Alice at the Marriott (.pdf file)
A Trip to Tahiti
        The first of two trips (January 1987)

note: the following have been removed from the website:
    Letters from Europe, 1999: Eating and so on...
    Back Roads and Breakfasts: Walking in Holland, and more touring and dining in Luxembourg, Italy, and Provence.
    Letters from Piemonte: Slow Food, October 2000

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