Travel writing in the making:
e-mail from the road...

We travel a fair amount, sending e-mail «dispatches» to friends every day or so from the road.
Several of these e-mail accounts are now available online:
(new) to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, June 2006
Spain, February 2005
Rome, November 2004
Rome, January 2004
     Eating and seeing the sites in Rome, Orvieto, Tivoli...  
Glendale Theater and Eating, December 2003
     Arthur Miller, Shakespeare and Molière; eating in Paso Robles, Pasadena and Los Angeles
Theater and landscape, May 2003
     Baseball and art; Shakespeare and Gozzi; gardens and wilderness
To the Southwest
     To Ojai, Tecate, San Luis Rio Colorado, and Sonaita, January 2002
January South in California
     Landscape, museums, and dining on a loop through San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Death Valley and Tahoe
Venice Reflections
     The first of six weeks in Milan, Venice, and Piemonte, May-July 2001. (Remainder available from the author.)
Shakespeare and Terrorism
     A week in Ashland, Oregon, Sept. 11-18 2001
Letters from Los Angeles
        Lindsey makes dessert for 500 diners honoring Alice at the Marriott (.pdf file)
A Trip to Tahiti
        The first of two trips (January 1987)

note: the following have been removed from the website:
    Letters from Europe, 1999: Eating and so on...
    Back Roads and Breakfasts: Walking in Holland, and more touring and dining in Luxembourg, Italy, and Provence.
    Letters from Piemonte: Slow Food, October 2000

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